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You don't need to be a technical person to use our VPN service. But you shouldn't have no idea about some VPN knowledge. Getting to know some basic concepts about internet security will only help to use the VPN in better way.

Here we listed some most useful topics about VPN usages and common questions.

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To help users knowing better about VPN technology and maximize the usage of VPN benefits, we collect most popular and accurate information and materials all about the VPN:

Why I can't browse website after VPN is connected?

  • Each time after Free VPN session is established, please check website for example http://www.MyIPOnline.COM to verify your NEW internet IP, thanks!

Most common VPN Questions

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New IP VPN Terms of Services

Users of services must be 18 years old or older, by using the service, users agree to follow the policies below. Abusing the service without fulfill the rules will subject to reveal your VPN logs to authorties when involving security investigations.

  1. not using the service to attack or attempted attack (such as hacking, breaking a firewall, etc.) at any other computer, server, Internet network or other technical devices, including software, that are connected to the Internet;
  2. not using the service to endanger or damage in any way the Provider’s or a third party’s technical devices, including their source codes and databases;
  3. not using the service to transfer malware, such as viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc.;
  4. not using the service to accept or publish or provide harmful content, such as content in breach of copyright, pirated copies of copyrighted works (such as CDs, DVDs, software), child pornography, etc.;
  5. not using the service to send unsolicited commercial messages or other harmful or fraudulent content, data and information, such as SPAMs, unsolicited SMS messages, advertising and marketing messages, etc.;
  6. not using the service to send legal commercial messages in the opt-in regime;
  7. not using the service for activities the content of which is child pornography, supporting or promoting criminal activities, including terrorism and extremism, such as activities that include accepting, publishing, selling, linking, etc.;
  8. not using the service for activities that constitute or could constitute an infraction, a crime or the preparation or attempt thereof that is punishable according to Provider’s national legal order, EU law, international law, including the User’s national legal order;
  9. not using the service to dangerously persecute or threaten a third party.